Leather and buckwheat hull elbow pad

Leather and buckwheat hull elbow pad

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Leather and buckwheat hull elbow pad

The elbow pad was designed for persons with reduced movability of joints, degenerative diseases, pain and edema in the area of the elbow joint, and in particular the ones suffering from ailments connected with the changing weather. Buckwheat hull strengthens and facilitates the curative activity of the ointments applied locally.

Cellulose-lignin compounds contained in buckwheat hull guarantee the maintenance of the lowest level of humidity, which is of great importance with rheumatic conditions.

The shell structure of buckwheat hull ensures a free flow of the air. The elbow pads are recommended for all persons with inflammations and pain of the elbow joints, and in particular after operations and during rehabilitation.


cotton with buckwheat hull, cow split leather

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