Knee belts

Knee belts

45.00 PLN
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Knee belts

The knee belts were designed by PWM "GAMA" after consultation with a number of orthopaedists and rehabilitants. However, what matters most is that hundreds of people have already tested the belts which fit everybody regardless of the size. The belt can be adjusted while doing up (note! do not adjust the belt too tight). They are worn under the knee cap, which allows for supporting the knee joint without impedeing the moves. The belt relieves pain and allows for moving around freely. It can be worn comfortably even under clothes. It is light and handy.

The belt is recommended:

if you feel pain in the knees, when you walk, run or do any other physical activity, when you feel pain after exercising, working for a long time in the standing position.


cotton with buckwheat husk, cow split leather

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