Ortobelt triangular

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Ortobelt triangular

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Ortobelt triangular

The activity of the orthobelt is similar to the orthodisc. It can be worn in the day and at night. It comes in a universal size and has adjustable elastic bands. Its braces enable it to be used while sitting, walking, driving or working. The rectangular belt is recommended particularly for rheumatic pain and radiculalgia. The traingualr belt is recommended mainly for persons suffering from pain in the area of the tailbone.

The orthobelt is filled with buckwheat hull and directly adheres to the spine, emits tannin, rutin, creates suitable microclimate and an ideal electrostatic field.

It radiates in all directions, which is why the skin at the back of the orthobelt reflects this radiation, diirecting it to the spine with double force. At the same time rough seeds of buckwheat hull massage the spine improving the blood supply, which in turn facilitates the oxygen supply and nourishment of all cells of the skin, muscle tissue, cartillage, nerves and which is where the curing process begins.

Construction: cotton with buckwheat husk, cow split leather.

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