Child mattress on sponge 60/120 cm

Child mattress on sponge 60/120 cm

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Child mattress on sponge 60/120 cm

100% cotton and buckwheat hull, it is a natural background for daily and night activities of children in the 21st century.

The featured mattress is characterized by a high quality natural raw materials used for its manufacture. Its flexibility and high elasticity has been appreciated for many years especially by the parents of children who, from the very first days of their lives, can enjoy unprecedented convenience and health benefits of their mattress.

The shell shape of buckwheat husk which is filling the mattress and its channel construction ensure proper air flow during its use. This provides child’s comfort to maintain constant body temperature which is why there is no excessive overheating in summer and they never feel too cold in winter. In turn, the high content of cellulose-lignin compounds in the buckwheat husk guarantees the lowest level of humidity.

Buckwheat husk is also characterized by high elasticity, it is a material resistant to crushing, and moving along the longitudinal channels gives a constant gentle massage of the whole body.

Buckwheat hull owes its brown color to tannin compounds that prevent bacteria, mites, arachnids or mold from spreading. This is particularly important for children that suffer from allergies, asthma, dermatological diseases, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and who are recovering after surgery. The mattress retains its biological life for 10 years giving your child the comfort of healthy and restful sleep.

The advantage of the structure of the product presented is that:

  • the cotton part of the mattress which has channel like structure is filled with buckwheat hull which is detachable from the sponge using a zipper and can be hoovered, munched or cleared in the laundry room which allows to keep it clean
  • the sponge used in the mattress is designed to harden, stabilize and even the background used by a child, as it is recommended by orthopedic surgeons
  • the mattress does not make sounds while the child is moving
  • the mattress is resistant to dents and significant deformation.

Matrress maintenance:

The mattress should be hoovered particularly between the channels, munched, aired or cleaned at dry cleaner's to keep it clean. The mattress does not make sounds when used. It is resistant to dents and substantial deformations.

In the comment when finalizing the order, please provide the number of the chosen design.

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