copy of The GRYKO-MED Model 2

copy of The GRYKO-MED Model 2

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copy of The GRYKO-MED Model 2

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The presented health rehabilitation mattress GRYKO-MED Model 2 (overlay type), is an innovative product made by P.W.M. GAMA.

The GRYKO-MED Model 2 mattress has been modified in terms of construction. Researches have shown that the use of an innovative solution, consisting of the introduction of two stitches between narrow cotton channels reinforced with an additional textile tape with high mechanical strength, has a positive effect on:

  • Increasing air permeability (ventilation), especially due to the appearance of an additional gap that reduces air flow resistances 
  • It will facilitate folding the mattress, its transport and storage
  • It will reduce the negative impact of the load on air permeability

Furthermore, the tests showed that the described mattress can be dedicated to users, who (for health reasons) have been advised to use mattresses with low susceptibility to deformation under the influence of loads connected with sitting of lying. Thanks to the possibility of folding the mattress into 3 parts, it can be used by children during play, rehabilitation or holiday trips.

The presented product is characterized by narrow channels filled with buckwheat husk. Thanks to this filler, the mattress has greater air permeability than the corresponding reference products filled with the composition of a sponge and foam or only with foam indicating total lack of air permeability.

Mattresses are especially recommended for people, who are affected by:

  • Diseases of the osteoarticular system
  • Myalgia
  • Rheumatism
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Excessive cramps in lower limbs
  • Numbness of upper and lower limbs
  • Sleep disorders and menopause
  • Excessive sweating of the body
  • Allergy
  • Morning stiffness
  • Increased muscle tension

When using, the mattress adapts to the natural curvature of the spine. Correct position of the body during rest in the above-mentioned diseases has a significant effect on the alleviation of pain and feeling of stiffening the patient’s body. Additionally, the mattress can improve sleeping comfort and prevent insomnia. 

The presented mattress is characterized by high quality of natural raw materials used for its production.


The shell-shaped construction of the buckwheat hull, i.e. the filling of the mattress, and the mattress’s channel construction guarantee the adequate flor of air during its use. This ensures comfort of maintaining a constant body temperature. Therefore, there is no excessive overheating in the summer, as well as cooling in the winter. On the other hand, a high content of cellulose-lignin compounds in the buckwheat hull guarantees the lowest level of humidity, which is of great importance in the case of rheumatic and generative diseases. The buckwheat hull is also characterized by high elasticity. It is a crush resistance raw material. Thanks to the movement in longitudinal channels, it causes a continuous gentle message of the whole body.

The buckwheat hull owns its brown color to tannin compounds. These compounds prevent development of, among other things, mites, arachnids or mildew. This is particularly important for people with allergy, asthma, dermatological diseases, after postoperative procedures, with psoriasis or atopic dermatitis.


Health rehabilitation mattress GRYKO-MED Model 2 is made of cotton of appropriate thickness and a special weave, filled with a buckwheat hull, with a canal construction. The double layer of textile coatings provides an additional protective layer.


Buckwheat hull filling is placed evenly in the channels created by the longitudinal stitches of fabric. On the other hand, additional two transverse stitches prevent inertial movement of buckwheat hull. This guarantees increased air permeability (ventilation), uniform firmness of the mattress on its entire surface, as well as facilitates folding the mattress, its transport and storage.

The mattress retains its biological vitality for 10 years, giving us the unique comfort of a health and peaceful sleep.

Advantages of the mattress:

  • The shell-shaped construction of the buckwheat hull guarantees excellent flow of air during the use of the mattress.
  • The content of cellulose-lignin compounds guarantees adequate sorption and desorption of water. We achieve a beneficial effect in case of excessive sweating of the body, e.g. during menopause and during hot days.
  • The presence of tannin compounds in the buckwheat hull limits the development of, among others, mites, arachnids or mildew.
  • Innovative mattress construction increases air permeability (ventilation), especially thanks to the additional gap that reduces airflow resistances, facilitates folding the mattress, its transport and storage, as well as reduces the negative impact of the load on air permeability.

The presented mattress is an ideal base for our spine, joints, muscles and skin. Sleep and rest on this mattress ensures a huge relief in the ailments of the osteoarticular, muscular and nervous systems.

Due to its construction and filling with the buckwheat hull, the mattress has the following effects:


  • It levels the sleeping surface, eliminating the unevenness arising from the pressure of persons’ weight (sitting or lying). These deformations have a significant impact on the sleep quality of a person, who uses such a bed.


  • It improves the quality and efficiency of sleep and rest
  • It regulates the circadian rhythms of the body.
  • It supports rehabilitation processes.

Biological properties of buckwheat hull:

  • Tannins contained in the buckwheat hull can help to reduce the development of mites and many bacteria
    Cellulose-lignin compounds guarantee the maintenance of the lowest level of humidity, thanks to which our skin is not exposed to irritations
  • The shell-shaped construction of buckwheat hull guarantees proper airflow under the body
  • The elasticity of the buckwheat hull is very high thanks to the cellulose-lignin compounds

Available sizes:

  • Mattress 90/185 cm
  • Mattress 80/185 cm
  • Mattress 70/185 cm

Maintenance of the mattress:

GRYKO-MED Model 2 mattress should be vacuumed (especially between the channels), shook, ventilated or cleaned in an eco-friendly laundry, which results in keeping it clean.  The mattress does not make any sounds during use. It is resistant to dents and significant deformation.

Project: Mattress / mat / therapeutic and rehabilitation seat with buckwheat full filling as an innovative, health-oriented alternative for traditional mattresses was co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund under the Intelligent Development Operational Program, 2014-2020.

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