Casual cotton seat

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Casual cotton seat

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Casual cotton seat

Seat especially designed for the increasing number of people working in a car , e.g. TIR drivers/lorries, sales representatives.

Cotton seat without leather lining; does not deform despite long time of use and, at the same time, it maintains the body moisture at the constant level, preventing excessive sweating.

The cellulose-lignin complex in the buckwheat hull has high moisture-absorbing properties, whereas buckwheat hull moving in the canals enhances microcirculation by providing a delicate skin massage, without excessive pressure on one body part.

It naturally protects against:

  • chafes caused by prolonged pressure
  • prostatic hyperplasia
  • decreases risk of haemorrhoid occurrence
  • stimulates circulation

Cotton seat is recommended: for, among others, office and garden chairs as well as car chairs.

This seat is designed for: children, teenagers, office employees, drivers, people with excessive sweating problem, people who suffer from haemorrhoids or prostatic hyperplasia.

Seat structure: 100% cotton, buckwheat hull.

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