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Car mat

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Car mat

The only seat of this type which:

  • Lessens spine and joint complaints
  • Improves driver’s psycho-physical condition
  • Positively influences driver’s concentration
  • Eliminates excessive sweating

This universal car seat was developed with the use of raw materials consisting of 100% cotton and purified buckwheat hull. We have designed this seat, having in mind the increasing number of people working in a car, e.g. TIR drivers/lorries, sales representatives.

Buckwheat hull, filling the seat inside, is very flexible. As you use the product, it moves inside the product’s tubes, which eliminates simultaneous pressure on one body part. The cellulose-lignin complex included in the hull well absorbs water/sweat depending on the temperature and relative air humidity. The product’s good natural ventilation and tube structure allow for intense heat and moisture exchange with the surroundings. It ensures that the seat always remains cool and dry as the correct air flow is maintained. The perfect ventilation of the seat protects the driver against excessive sweating, which is particularly important in the summer time. The interesting and modern design of the seat is something each driver will be proud of.

Seat construction lessens the spinal complaints, concurrently increasing the driving comfort.

The seat also enhances driver’s mood, his psycho-physical condition as well as concentration, which is essential for better safety on a journey.

Seat size:

wide 53 cm, long 112 cm


100% cotton, filling – buckwheat hull.

Available colours:

granatowy, ecru, czerwony, szafirowy, czarny

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